Often times there is a need to perform a certain functionality only once in the code. This is a simple but common situation. It could be a welcome message shown on a website when the user registers for the first time. It could be the buy button at checkout that should only deduct money once (even if clicked multiple times). Or it could be an analytics metric that needs to be reported once throughout the user journey.
There are many ways to achieve this behavior in code depending on the situation. …


I am a software engineer who is working on react for more than four years now. I still remember creating my first react app with React.createClass. I was very quickly drawn towards the idea of state and props. And I firmly believed that it is a genius way of representing UI. I am glad that I picked react as the main UI library and hold on it.

But there was one thing which I never really grasped completely — that is the role of global state management libraries. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked (or played) with all noticeable…


Illustration Evgenia Barinova

Many talented and peculiar beings, usually known as Computer Programmers or more recently as Software Engineers, are always learning new algorithms and exploiting data structures for the betterment of masses. They have a very particular set of skills which is acquired through religion like determination and devotion like a monk. With time, they only become “Senior” and gain the divine wisdom of git blame-ing. Moreover, they make no mistake in naming variables.

Ever wondered how they climbed this leader of prestige, so high? Or thought what sets them apart from nerd who has just learned the art of transforming StackOverflow…


Photo by Japheth Mast

In my previous story I discussed the Benefits of Working Remotely. If, like me, you think working remotely is a good option to achieve your personal and professional goals then the very first question that comes to the mind is, How to get a remote job ?

You might have already tried applying to remote job or had never seen a job post with ‘allows remote’ in its title. Or you might believe your domain has no remote job offerings at all. …


Photo by Kevin Bhagat via Unsplash

Did you ever wish to work from your own home or favourite travel destination? Doesn’t that sound amazing to work from anywhere you want without the need of daily commuting and leaving your loved ones?

For me it is the best blessing of the modern era. Being able to work from your very own cozy bedroom or from your best friend’s gaming lounge is super cool. I am a Software Engineer, and I have worked as a remote developer for almost two years and I simply loved it. …

Zain Zafar

Software Enginner at Amazon Prime Video

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